CaseFlow® is a product of Ask4Rain LLC, a company proudly based in Bozeman, Montana, USA. Produced by people with decades of experience in social work and software design, CaseFlow can accommodate any case-based human service around the world. A library of swappable program modules, fully compliant with government regulations and industry best practices, is being constructed by vetted Subject Matter Experts.

Helping the Helpers

We started this software company because social workers, NGOs and government offices are swamped with cases, and good software does not exist except in organizations with big development budgets.

The typical human service organization is under-staffed, under-funded and under-secured. Social workers/case workers must contend with the constant struggle to document thoroughly and securely, rigorous compliance with government standards, the worry of updating case studies, the tedious nature of reporting, the pressure of deadlines, and the ever-present emotional drains (and dangers) of working with needy people. New case workers require time-consuming training in matters of compliance for their employer’s field of service. If these factors are not enough to discourage them, case workers are usually dependent upon outdated, clumsy and unproductive software. Case workers are doing a superhuman job, but where is their support system?

CaseFlow is the new “Best Practice” for case work. Our software helps you with program management, case management, interventions and field work. No matter what type of clients you are serving, we can guide you with compliant workflows. Adoption, human trafficking, youth programs, elder care, livelihood training, residential shelters, food banks, addiction support, education, domestic violence, … whatever your focus, it can be managed with greater ease using CaseFlow.

Our Founders

Ken Phillips -Co-Founder

Ken Phillips is a 35-year veteran of the computer industry, having been a programmer for 8 years, a technical reviewer for computer networking magazines for 8 years, a technical support analyst, a network installer, and business manager. He helped pioneer software for a popular banking loan system and has designed legacy application interfaces, a payroll system, a biometric timeclock analysis system, and now CaseFlow Manager. Through his experiences programming and reviewing, Ken learned the value of designing software without barriers–expandable, easy to use and compliant. He was an active volunteer at a children’s shelter for several years, and loved being a “papa” to 30 kids.

Fe Phillips – Co-Founder

Fe Phillips is Executive Director of Rehoboth Sampaloc Ministries, Inc., a non-profit children’s shelter in the Philippines. Having managed that institution since its opening in 2003, Fe is well acquainted with the challenges faced by NGOs. Fe is also a licensed social worker and understands the stress of managing cases. She has been intimately involved with the design of CaseFlow to assure its usability as well as being a Subject Matter Expert in regard to child-caring agencies. She enjoys gardening, bird-watching and exploring Old West ghost towns.

Bruce Pierson, Lead Technologist

Bruce Pierson is the database and framework architect behind CaseFlow. He has programmed database applications for 26 years, and in that time has developed a superior web application framework that is the chassis for CaseFlow’s rich feature set. His applications have been solid and reliable for decades in the engineering and manufacturing industries. Bruce’s framework ensures a perfect balance between usability, capability, security and integration with other systems. Bruce has programmed web portals, project management systems, oil and gas analytical portals, optical inspection systems and assembly-line tracking systems, and now brings that expertise to bear in health and human services.

Jen Schimbeno, Sales Manager

Jen rarely meets a stranger.  She believes that there is always something to be learned from others if you are willing to listen. The art of listening and connecting with others has been the foundation of Jen’s decade-plus career as a financial advisor and sales recruiter. After working for big corporations and financial institutions, Jen knows how to identify sales talent and coach people toward their dreams. And after seeing the goals of CaseFlow, working to address the needs of the vulnerable, she was excited to join CaseFlow.

Jen is Vice President of Client Relations at Blackmore Financial Solutions and also volunteers her time as a board member of the Bozeman Area Community Foundation.

A socially-conscious technology company

Our goal is to not only increase your capacity, but to help prevent the family and societal crises that flood the world with human need. For every unit sold, 10% of the profit is donated to family preservation services and child-caring agencies in developing countries. Family preservation services are designed to enable single mothers and struggling two-parent families to get on their feet.

Services may include:

  • Crisis counselling
  • Emergency food and shelter
  • Medical assistance
  • Skills training
  • Livelihood grants and micro-finance loans
  • Training in parenting, health and money management

Qualified agencies with strained operational budgets can receive assistance to hire and retain qualified social workers for their workload. Join us by extending grants of software to organizations you know.

CaseFlow® and CaseFlow Manager® are registered trademarks of Ask4Rain LLC.